My Punisher Themed Outfits


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Hello everyone!

I'd like to welcome you all to my Punisher themed cosplay outfits.
For the longest time, I've been OBSESSED with Frank Castle "The Punisher" for ages. I love that he is just a "regular" guy, no super powers, just his prior training and a method of delivering his punishment to the evildoers.

I decided to finally get into Cosplay and I wanted my first costume to be of The Punisher, and the hard part was deciding which version of The Punisher to portray as there are so many variants of the Punisher, but I decided on doing the Punisher from Edmondson and Gerads' Last Days of Punisher from issues 19-20.

Here are my outfits so far.

unnamed2.jpg 11813400_1085137221515755_5542259158642891877_n.jpg Guns.png

The Punisher outfit on the left, is a back in time WWII punisher outfit I am doing for a Time Travellers steampunk picnic I am going to later this month. The middle pic is my Last Days of Punisher which I am wearing for the local Hal-Con event and on the right, is my inventory of airsoft guns and my Punisher outfits which depending on Punisher outfit will depend what gun(s) I'll be using for props.

Please let me know what you think, as this is my first time doing Cosplay so I am always looking for advice,comments,suggestions on how to make my outfits better.



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I bought a retro Punisher skull tshirt from a local Walmart a few days ago and a Patent black trench coat from a local thrift shop in their halloween section. Wanted to add a couple more pics. Here is a bit of a Tom Jane style Punisher. I will be using this outfit for more low key events and will have shoulder holsters eventually to complete the outfit.

CI_98990_1441818585.jpg CI_98990_1441818762.jpg
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