My Prop/statue office , a couple pics


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My office is starting to look like a bust factory! LOL


The Managalore you see is a work in progress, just started on it


Captain America with his new custom base.. not yet finished though..


Here is a closer look at it with the custom base/ Has a long way to go yet.
Wonderful assortment Steve. All high caliber. I especially love the life sized Predator and Ledger Joker. Thanks for sharing!
Superb collection, really dig that Joker, is that the one BobbyC done?

I still think, Dutch and his buddies need some mud on their boots! although you done a cracking job on them!!
Forgot you had that mogwai face peice!

Nice looking setup. ;)

Pred bust and mangalore are super nice.

The cap will look great with some subtle shading/weathering! (I'm sure that's where you are already headed with him! :) )
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