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I figured it was about time to post up my collection. It is a little smaller than most, but hey, gotta start somewhere. We are coming to find out that having a place to put things is a very precious commodity. It is not very organized at the moment, but do to limited space, we made do. We are also working on a life size Jack Skellington that will most likely make it's way in the movie/prop room. Progress on that project is posted up in another thread.








Cool pics. Love the horror stuff. I have like some of the same autographs. I'm guessing...horror convention attendee? lol

Englund was very cool to meet.
Yeah, I hit up spooky empire every year. Englund was a blast, got him to put on the glove and take a pic with me. Gonna try and get all the leatherfaces to sign a chainsaw blade this year. I have a ton of autographed photos, just not enough room to put them up.
Englund was really cool when I got his memoir from him. He drew this quick Freddy drawing in the front. It was awesome. The book was a pretty good read too. I'd recommend it.
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