Done My Police Spinner 44 1/24 Scale (Weathered)

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I saw Star Wars (no episode number) with my sisters in '77 at the Gaumont in Birmingham and it blew my little 7 year old brain into tiny little atoms, fast forward five years and I think I was still mourning not seeing The Empire strikes Back (because by that time my two sisters had turned into B@?#$es and went see it without me) I had started going to the cinema on my own.
I was just leaving the U rated E.T. (with puffy eyes) when I saw the poster for Blade Runner with Han Solo sporting a skinhead, so I had quick look around for the usher and ducked in just in time to see the end of the opening scroll ("OPENING BLOODY SCROLL THIS IS GOING TO BE WICKED, STAR WARS ALL OVER AGAIN YESSSSSSS!!!)
By the time I walked out I had the look of someone who'd been kicked in the nuts and then comforted Olivia Newton-John (she was my goddess back then). It was then that I decided to embark on a life of under aged crime.
I pay for a U rated movie and and then dip into the theatre of film I really wanted see. in 1982 I saw Blade Runner around 20+ times with First Blood coming a close second.
Around 1983/4 we got our first video recorder and all bets were off, I made a list videos and presented it to my dad being canny enough include some of his favourites such as Calamity Jane, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and every single John Wayne movie (worked a charm).
It was also around then I got into kit modelling, starting off with the obligatory Airfix Spitfire and the like and the Before long stumbled into Beaties a model shop like no other, this place was bigger than your average superstore with shelves from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, I had found my Mecca.
From my first (of many) Millennium Falcons to Enterprises and then around '92 I clocked it, an SSG Blaster, yeah the one that Han I mean Rick Deckard takes down Zhora with but wait it's 39 quid that's a third of my weeks wages.
So two weeks of deliberation later it was on my worktop and a new level of collecting and modelling began.

Having got that off my chest ever since that SSG Blaster I'd been looking for a model of the Spinner to no avail and no internet access at the time.
With work and other circumstances my hobbying took a back seat until recently.
Since joining the rpf I got the bug again which led to my purchase of the Tomenosuke blaster and the spinner was next on the list until that evil genius DaveG did a new run of his snub nose which I have now completed and can now get on with the Spinner (ordered toward the tailend of the snub nose build)

I was intent on doing a lit version of the spinner but after reading few reviews and youtube vids I had some reservations and unsure my skill level would do it justice I've decided to do the best weathering job can.

Very excited when I got the parts out the box and quickly set about priming them but ran out of primer before could finish the wheels (sods law).

Primer ordered I cracked on with the primed parts. I wasn't keen on the deep blue seen on many versions I've seen so I mixed up some Vallejo grey blue and electric blue for lighter finish and one I thought would highlight the weathering a bit more.
20180520_145604.jpg 20180520_144902.jpg 20180520_144856.jpg 20180520_150216.jpg

Being bit over enthusiastic after scuffing up the underside and painting the grills I started on dirtying up the spinner before realising it might be a good idea to apply the decals before carrying on.
20180520_151851.jpg 20180521_154024.jpg 20180521_154038.jpg 20180521_154116.jpg 20180521_154153.jpg 20180521_154210.jpg


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