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I hope I am posting this in the right place. This is my vacation project that I have just finished.

I am playing millsim paintball. It is military simulation paintball. It is very fun. I wanted to have a special mask that look really bada$$. I have been making research for the last 2 months and came up with a desing that looks very mean and still have great functionalety. It was really important that the mask was to be safe, light weight and had good air ventilation.

So here is some pic of my WIP.

First, I had to do the helmet that will receive the visor. I sculpted it with oil clay and then vernish it. The teeth are made from super sculpey. It tokk me about 10 hours of sculpting to come to this result. I had to redo it because my first attempt, I used the wrong kind of vernish and it reacted to the silicone when I did the mold. So in fact this is my second attempt.
First pull. At this point, I was very dissapointed of the look of the helmet. I tough it looked silly. But with my experience of previous build, I know that I have to be patient before my project start to look good,
This is where things start to be interesting. This is the skulpt of the visor. I have skulpted around a paintball visor to make sure once it is done the visor will fit nicely in place. I have made the eyes slighly oversize to make sure I have good visibility on the battlefeild.
This is the visor test fit. At this point I was scared I did the eyes opening too big. The proportion are slighly off. But since I wanted a helmet to wear in action, I later realise that it was better that way.
Starting to add plastic mesh to the helmet opening to make sure ventilation is exellent and keep it light weight.
So after three weeks of work, I really like how he came out at the end. I have exellent mobility of the neck, great ventilation and vision. Now I just have to test it really good before wearing it on the battlefeild. I hope you guys enjoyed!! Please leave feedback! I really enjoy reading them.
that is definitely the coolest paintball helmet Ive ever seen. Well done.

Wow thanks! I realy apreciate it!

very bada$$, the cobra symbol on top was a great touch

Thank you, at first, I painted it red, but all the small mistake I did in sculpting where coming out too much. So I painted it black and it look much better now.

This is so cool!

Well done man. I love Mil Sim paintball. I only play that.

Thanks, I wont play any other kind of paintball after I tryed milsim

oh this **** just got better, that is totally badass mate

Thank you!!!
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