My P2 Custom Gauntlet Pillar - Hcg Disc/hand


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Here is my latest work.
I have the original HCG hand sawn. 
A Gauntlet I put in between.
The whole thing is completely filled with resin. A daring procedure in which would also have something can go wrong.
At this point, many thanks to my friend Okami Skullcrusher. He made ​​the first painting and nice custom details to the Gauntlet.
I have given the Gauntlet later my personal color finsh.
I hope you enjoy this piece.

a (1).jpg

a (2).jpg

a (3).jpg

a (4).jpg

a (5).jpg

a (6).jpg

a (7).jpg

a (8).jpg

a (9).jpg

a (10).jpg
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