My Own Superhero Cosplay


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I understand that this image is a deviant art, but I love the design. Could someone please Pep this armor for me, because I don't have the technology skills to use it and maybe could they design pants for him too, not too armored to limit parkour motion. Please have crotch protection too ahaha. Can you make the colors black (most of it), white (secondary), and a third color of crystal blue? Also, can it be done to open like Iron Mans helmet? Padding and ventilation? And I would like it to have light-up eyes with the LED by the sunglasses. Thanksparkour_character_by_adanart-d60h5ar.jpg


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That's a pretty extensive project. While I can't say someone won't ever do it for free, you're best off posting this in the want to buy classifies forum. Secondly, the coloring for pepakura is irrelevant, when you print pepakura you can't just print it, build it, and wear it. You need to resin and bondo it, or Rondo it, sand it, sand it, sand it, prime then paint it. Similar issue for the pants. Even if a fabric pattern was decided you'd have to get whichever fabric you like and sew it.

Unless you mean you want someone to design AND build it. In that case, yes, this certainly belongs in the want to buy forum and will be quite expensive, for a project of this scale, at least a grand. Check on the 3D modelers in the project runs thread and search for someone willing to commission build.
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The design sure looks stunning, perhaps something for a advacnded action suit!
You could always freehand the armor in foam, it would need a lot of small parts on a skintight suit if you want to use it in parkour.
Anyway good luck to you!