My One Ring replica- sort of


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Gone but not forgotten.
As a lot of you know, I got married a little over a week ago. This is my wedding band. It's an 8mm comfort fit gold band, size 14.5. Not an exact replica, but it is still my precious! :love



Thanks, mines not a Hansen (couldn't afford it!) but this thing is also incredibly heavy as well. Almost too heavy!
Looks pretty darn close.
I used to own a Hansen ring and regret having to sell as now it's three times the value what I paid for it!
Id like to see someone do a run of accurate shaped/sized rings in an affordable plated metal....
Looks spot on. Always said to myself that if I ever get hitched, I'll get myself a nice replica at the same time. ;)

Oh and congrats. :)
Thanks guys. Before the wedding my wife asked what kind of ring I wanted. I said oh, just a plain band. She said don't you want something with diamonds? I said, no, just a plain 8mm band.I didn't want to tell her it was a One Ring replica. You know, with all the control and ruling it does! LOL
HaHa After the wedding I told her it was the One ring and asked if I could put it in the fireplace. She said yes, but that it would also be a really short marriage.........
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