My Nomad.


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20150601_170102_zpsjxkcpax2.jpg 20150601_170055_zpsd87xvvok.jpg 20150601_170145_zpsypszzoiz.jpg 20150601_170556_zpsrrk7jco5.jpg 20150601_170608_zpslwzng6zm.jpg
Let me introduce to you my latest build.
Kit made by Larson Designs. Customized by me.

Gentlemen, From Star Trek TOS, My Nomad.
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Wes R

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The lights inside really bring it to life. I bet you could add audio too at some time in the future if you wanted but that always seems like a hassle to me. That's a lot of action figures in the background lol.


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Thanks Wes!
Yeah I thought about adding "Nomad" sounds to it as well. But all I had was a cheapo playback from Radio Shack.
Action figures are part of my 20+ year collection in my hobby room.:p


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Since TNG is not my bag, the action figures interest me only because of the sheer amount.
That Nomad on the other hand is nice.
I still suggest you reconsider adding a voice as Nomad was an intimidating guest.
Maybe go wild and add an IR-sensor and let it go off when someone enters the room.
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