My NMBC Jack Skellington.

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm not entirely new to this Forum because i have been around just kind of reading and taking notes and I have been sick for about 7 months now. So it gave me alot of free time. So I got myself into costuming! This was my first costume ever that I decided to make for a halloween contest. Which I won first place![​IMG]

    Here are some pictures:

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    It took Me about 3 months to complete. I built 4 of those masks until I settled with the one I wore. It was the second of the four. They were made from Paper mache and Plaster of paris. The "Eyebrows" were made form clay that I put overtop the paper mache to get the size right. I then used the plaster to mold it into the shape It became. took about two weeks for everything to be finished on any given mask. After I decided which to use I bought a Very think yet dark fabric that I could see through and glued it around the eye sockets. Then i took a little kids bicycle helmet and super glued it to the inside so it would fit snug on my head.


    The bowtie was made from coat hangers and pilliow cases. I bent about 4 hangers into "ackward" bat wing shapes. then covered them tightly in torn pillow cases. The bat itself was molded from clay and painted and superglued to the hangers.


    The suit was by far the easiest thing. Its just a black suit I bought at a local thrift store. I had it hemed to make me look as skinny as possible. Then I took fabric paint with a drawing nossle on it and ran it down the length of the suit. I atteched the bowtie to the suit with safety pins that you couldent see from the front or side.

    Well thats all I have for now. I'm currently trying to work on Ironman from the live action movies. But I don't want to do the helmet because i have tried 5 of them with no good results[​IMG]. So I think im going to purchase a helmet and build the rest of the suit myself. Let me know what you guys think and feel free to ask questions!. Thanks
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    lol Thank you. You did a great job on the Sally! You will be the first to know if I ever go lol.

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