Interest My Next Active Project will be the Hoth / Bespin Han Solo / Luke Blaster

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I don’t start a new active project until my pending project is done but I wanted to see if there is enough interest to do this blaster.

The Scope Bracket and Flash Hider will be machined and the scope and pistons will be cast metal

I also plan to offer the left side greblies in black resin.

As far as I know I am the only person to faithfully replicate the knurling on the flash hider and I also incorporate the Barrel-Through design.

Accurized Denix Mausers with wood grips and brass hardware will be available and they will be drilled for parts attachment.

I will ask Rich if he can provide the plaques in the same style as my ROTJ Project.

I can't even begin to estimate the cost of the parts but in the past I have been able to offer the machined parts for less then $100, however, the cast scope and pistons are expensive.

Right now I am only going to accept names for a notification email group.

If you would lie to be notified when this project goes live send and email to

Please put the following in the Subject Line

ESB Blaster Active Project – RPF ID – Your Name



Think Jedi has confirmed that he will provide cast brass M-32 scopes and pistons

His preliminary prices are $80 for the scope and $20 per set of pistons.

These prices are only slightly higher then the last time I did this version which was more then 10 years ago so I am very excited about that considering how much metal and fuel cost have increased

All of the scopes will need some basic machining to remove the sprus and to drill and tap the feet for the bolts.

I will also offer a machining process that hollows out the scope body and adds threaded lens rings so we can use glass lenses for the front and back.

I can not remember how much that cost but everyone agreed that it was worth the added expense.

I also had the correct brass bolts machined to mount the scope, they were more expensive then standard bolts but due to their peculiar dimensions (7/16 head / 10-23 threaded section) they had to be machined.

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I'm in - email sent.

I, for one, don't care if the pistons are metal - they're supposed to be plastic right?
If you can pull off a cast brass scope with lenses, you'll be my hero!

Looking forward to this!
Email coming.

If you ask me, the more metal the better. Resin greeblies are cool but cast metal greeblies would be cooler. Just saying.
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