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My newest Riddick additions!

Guardian Devil

Sr Member
I've just added a couple of new Riddick items to my collection, so thought I'd give them a quick show off here.

Riddick's boot knife and Riddick's Necromonger temple dagger.





Also finally added this to my main display. Vin Diesel's harness pack and water pouch, it was the last piece I needed to complete Vin Diesel's whole CoR Riddick costume!






Sr Member
Good stuff right there, for sure.:cool
Do you have any photos of it all together or at least most of it in a display? Curious as to how you're set up is for all of this.

Guardian Devil

Sr Member
Thank you :D

This is how my main CoR Riddick costume display is looking at the moment. Everything on it is screen used by Vin Diesel. Seen here in between his Pitch Black counterpart and Hugh Jackmans Van Helsing gear.
I've moved most of the framed items from here to elsewhere to give a cleaner look to the display as it was getting a little cluttered.



Nice scores! I love those movies. So cool that so much of the original props went up for sale. Will be interesting to see what comes out of the new Riddick film.
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