My Newest BSG Prop- Viper Helmet


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Almost done

For DragonCon IÂ’m making the viper pilot helmet from the new Battlestar Galactica series. The pre-Scar episode helmet to be specific. (I was pretty ticked when they switched helmets in the middle of the season by the way)

ItÂ’s not that I donÂ’t like the new helmets; I just like the older ones more. Once I get this one finished IÂ’m going to do the newer helmet. That will be next weeks project if I can get clear enough screen grabs.

I started on this a week ago just working a bit here and about there. Should have this cast in fiberglass in a few days.

IÂ’m not sculpting the detail pieces like the O2 hose connectors directly on the helmet so they arenÂ’t shown here.

Anyway, helpful criticism is always appreciated. Keep in mind IÂ’m not finished, and the reason the glass visor was sculpted was so I could keep a picture of the final result in my head while working.

This is what I have so far; I'll post the finished pics as soon as I have them.

Be gentle.

here are some screen grabs I made from the mini-series



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I was able to get the helmet in primer today. With the outside smooth now IÂ’m going to focus on smoothing out the inside. Then IÂ’ll put in the face shield.

IÂ’m going to make the lights and other add-ons this weekend.

Once I get this prototype to a point that IÂ’m satisfied IÂ’ll make another mold from it and cast the ones for my wife, friends, and myself for dragon con.

In no way am I saying that this is the end all definitive Viper helmet. It will however serve our purpose nicely and theyÂ’ll look very nice on my shelf when finished. This was cheaper that paying another prop maker for the 5 I need for Dragoncon. This way I can do the work once and cast as many as I need.

IÂ’ll post more pics as the project develops, most likely Saturday.

Still work to go



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Does anyone know the correct color to use? Looks like some are copper on silver, some reversed. Anyone know the rhyme or reason?

Your help is appreciated.


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199 views and no body says, WoW great job
Well let me be the first

WoW...Great Job

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Wow, very cool. I'm a little late to the BSG club, but last night I had a dream that I had to have a Viper helmet, so here I am.

Did a search, and only 3 threads came up? :eek Wow. Can't believe it.

Anyway, I have to have my own helmet. Does anyone have a screen used one? :lol