my new scott marshall p1 suit


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right it's been a while since i've done a suit thread and now seems a good a time as any so here goes!
i've been lucky enough to have the ultra talented mr scott marshall put together a P1 suit for me
these are work in progress pics and i'm sure everyone on scotts facebook has seen the pics so this is more for those who haven't seen them. i'll hopefully have the suit within the week and i'll post pics of me in it!





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I would kill to have one of those suits, but at 5'8" I'm afraid it would silly on me.
I don't see any way you could make e it fit someone of my stature and not have folds and slack everywhere.

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I had Bob Bagy paint my torso,And his P1 mask. I know Scott would do a great paint job but I'm Trying to make it all match together. I didn't Know Scott would paint it for me. I'm Still new to this stuff Knowing who does what. I still have to find out if Bob will have time for me to paint Scotts P1 legs. Bobs been very helpful to me like everybody on this site has been.I'm having trouble trying to get some of my pics on this site, not very good on the computer. Your suit is going to look great.
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