My new Sabacc cards custom deck box


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I got the ‘updated’ Solo Sabacc cards from BlackSunSabacc on Etsy. They are the larger cards that have the individual weathering on each card. I’ve bought SEVERAL decks over the past couple of years and to me, this is finally the definitive deck.

And, while I love the faux leather box that they come in, it’s just not practical for carrying around for game night as the cards constantly fall out of it, and I don’t want to just wrap a rubber band around it.

So, I decided to make a basswood box for them. I decided on a casket style box so that it would hold everything and the cards would not fall out. I also decided to make it longer than the deck so that I could store the awesome HyperspaceProps metal dice in the case as well.

So, while watching various YouTube videos on retro Star Wars toys, and a couple of hours later I had the box. I painted it brown and then sanded it back, then put on the Sabacc logo and sanded it back as well and made a foam insert for the dice to sit snuggly in. The goal was a weathered around the galaxy look.

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I decided that it needed a slight update. I added a new top piece with the Sabacc logo cut out. I didn’t make it straight, or perpendicular on purpose. The point was to keep it looking handmade.

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