My new Predatormask...;-)


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I got my sideshow AVP Scar mask today.I´ve heared a lot of bad things about this piece.And the predatorstuff review with the airholes in the sculpt and the very cheap looking lenses.But I love the scar mask and made a really good shot on I was very curious when it arrives:But I must say,mine looks very good.No flaws in the sculpt and they sprayed the lenses a little bit around the lines...that looks a lot better and not so cheap.I don´t know if ss has done that with the first masks,because mine is number 630/1000.

Here some pics:

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Mine is in the #70's range and has the black lens paint too. Unfortunatly a rugrat dropped it and cracked an ear good so now it is the "handling mask". I like the mask. I don't think mine has the issues you mentioned though.
The issues you mention such as bubbles in the casting were limited to very few, I believe.
The darkness around the lens edging is normal.

The biggest problem many had with this and indeed with others from this line were the lack of real lenses. (Something Sideshow included on their current Predators Bio line.) Yes the so called "paper" lenses found on this particular mask could have been improved upon, as could the paint application itself. Regardless of the aforementioned, if your a Predator fan, it was/is a worthwhile purchase.
If your head is so big like a bubblehead,you can wear it.:lol
All SS-Predatormasks are not designed to wear it.
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