My New Goonies Display


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Finally found a frame that was big enough to house my Goonie props

Now I have to find room to put it up.


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Thanks guys !
If anybody is interested, I got the frame from Ikea for £35
I had to remove the original pictures which was a bit of a pain as they were stuck to the back board, but I am very pleased with the end result.


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Very nice display you got there :thumbsup my stuff is just set up on a corner shelf right now, all I can do with limited space :unsure


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Looks fantastic, great work there, Ikea do some great frames for projects like this, and reasonably priced too!

There's nothing better than pulling all the items you have for a movie and putting them behind glass, it makes them really pop - Plus i bet you can actually see them now, as apposed to having them on a shelf!

Can't help but wonder, if the backong board would benefit from being a darker colour, you can buy big A1 mount board sheets from ebay or hobbycraft shops - Relatively cheap as well. I think being a darker background would really make the items stand out.
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