my new emperor mask


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Hi Tightfx and welcome ... quite an entry imposing for the Emperor ;)
That looks absolutely stunning ... did you make it yourself? If so what's
the material used?
Now all you need is the accurate waffle kind of fabric for the robes :)



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It is eco flex (my favorite) and yes i made it all by myself!
Lol my mom is working on the robe although where do i even find that fabric! A couple people have said that


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Yeah finding that waffle weave fabric is gonna be quite a challenge ... there are also variations available so do some research on the real Emperor's robe first before you submit to buying some fabric. Also, when you do find the waffle fabric, make sure you or your mum makes the hood from partly double fabric from the front ... as you can see in this picture the red arrow points at how far the inner fabric goes inside to create that 'bump' :

Here's another picture to check how the hood is done, the red arrows here point at a seam in the arms :



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They sell waffle weave shower curtains. Its very close to screen accurate. If you bought enough I bet you could piece a robe together

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Here it is


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