My new dorm! now with end of the year pics!


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i just moved into the dorms at college and thought id put up some pics of how it looks!







hope you guys enjoy!
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Re: My new dorm!

My dorm never looked so cool. I never had any room with all the empty beer cans lying around..
Re: My new dorm!

You have a far nicer dorm room and stuff than I ever had in college.

My over-ten-years-younger-self envies you greatly. ;)
Re: My new dorm!

A freshman I see!

Wow! Did you put all that together yourself? Stellar job!
Everything looks really great.

[wet blanket] hope you're in a single and have a good lock on your door!
Also, hope you used 3M Command Strips to hang all that stuff up, or the
RA is gonna have your hide :lol [/wet blanket]

Congratulations and wishing you all the best!

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Re: My new dorm!

Dorms are a hell of a lot nicer than when I was in school! I had one Star Wars poster in my room that always came down when girls came over... I can't imagine how long it'll take you! :lol
Re: My new dorm!

I move into my upper classman dorm tomorrow, the props have all been packed!

Very nice set up!
Re: My new dorm!

Nice digs! You may want to reconsider displaying the trooper blaster though. A lot of colleges might consider that too much like a real gun even if it's just plastic.
Re: My new dorm!

Great looking man !

I echo what alot have said ..... my dorm was a flipping solitary cell from Devil's Island :lol bleeding British Public School beliefs that suffering, cold showers in winter etc would toughen you up :lol

I also chime to say be carefull with that blaster .....

And I hope you can lock your room !
Re: My new dorm!

I had cinder block walls and posters of naked chicks. :lol It was almost like prison.
Re: My new dorm!

haha thanks for all the coments! ive got an amazing girlfriend whos into props and comics and stuff so im not too concerned with the chick repelant aspect XD as for stuff getting broken, most of the stuff i brought can either take a fair beating or already has so theres just a few props/collectables that ive got to worry about.
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