My new best friend! the Deece


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Originally posted by Goldenrod@Apr 8 2006, 02:49 PM
Just got this in the mail today.
RC dc-17 with all the attachments.

Looks like a Talon special. FANTASTIC. 3 - 3 - 3 blasters in 1.


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Your right it is a Talon special.
His work is outstanding. I love the wieght of this badboy.
All the attachments fit so nicely.
Sorry about the pics,my camera is craptacular.
I'm gonna take it outside and take better pics so you can actually see the detail.


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I like the Grenade/Rocket attachment, the sniper a little less (still cool). I wonder is Karen Traviss got hers yet.

Pics look pretty good actually, just need an RC helmet vs a TK :) :) :)

Also, Talon is a straight up fantastic guy to deal with, aside from being very talented and a great wood worker. The second generation version you have shows the commitment. (And you should see some of the Halo stuff he does :))


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Originally posted by CaptCBoard@Apr 10 2006, 12:22 AM
Reminds me of something that was available when I was a kid:

Johnny-Seven OMA, One-Man Army.

Its a Republic Commando DC-17. I cannot stop playing umm you know what i mean. :lol


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Anybody got a link for this Talon feller? I'd be a might interested in seein' some of his there gunwork on the Halo side of things (Firefly speak).