My New Animatronic Head


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If you havn't had a chance to check out Alan Allen's animatronic rigs then you're missing out. I bought this from him a few weeks ago and he built and sent it to me very fast.


Just out of curiousity is someone going to be holding the controller while you are suited up out @ Cons and events? The other question I have is the fiberglass/plasitc head the Dragon skin underskull or something from your own creation?
For now someome will have to control it for me. He is going to get me a harness that will go into my glove. The face i believe is fiber glass but is coated in very soft foam, its actuall very comfortable. I ran around the house chasing the kids with it. ha ha.
I like it!! What part of Cali you from? Was born and raised in Sac-town now in NC but will be moving to Redding CA this coming April.
You would have to speak with Alan Allen who is the member who made it on pricing, I don't want to quote you a price and that not be what he is charging. @ofak im in socal LA area. With a little adjust ment it fits my scott marshal mask but i kow these were made for the daniel bravo P1 v2 and the pete manders P1.
Bodie, the rig looks great! I can't wait to see shots of it with your Marshal over it! I'm glad you're happy with it!

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