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  1. Yoda

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    While I decided to tackle the Necronomicon as a surprise birthday present to a cousin that is a large Evil Dead Fan.
    I found a link to 37 pages of images from the movies a great start
    I used 37 lb card stock for my pages to give a beefy feel
    test page to adjust colors and technique

    The test page and the original
    aged with coffee and heat (added more grounds to coffee to get darker look)

    the setup paint on coffee in one pan, heat in another finish dry in last

    added a personal touch for the intended owner with a burned inner cover pages with his initials

    a few of the original pages in back ground and the aged pages in hand

    Now to start on cover (print out of cover and a rough sketch on poster board)

    Rolled up masking Tape laid on to sketch to add depth
    beginning to cover with tissue paper

    white glue and tissue paper next step is to fine tune the depth
    paper-clay possibly
    not sure if I am going to paint or cover in a thin leather type material??? any Ideas

    going to drill the covers and pages out maybe 8 to 10 holes than lace the binding together
  2. Zalaian

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    Awesome start, interested in doing one of these myself, can't wait to see how yours turns out.
  3. Howlrunner

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    You can build up depth using paper towels soaked in glue. That's what I did with my budget necronomicon:


    BTW, you know that your creating an Evil Dead 2 cover, with Evil Dead Remake pages inside, right?
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  4. Yoda

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    I know it is the evil dead 2 cover, and the pages I have a combination of the 2 movies to fill the book with. I could only find about 8 pages from the originals. Also thanks for the tip using paper towels
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  5. Yoda

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    got a bit more done on the cover using the paper towel and it looks great hank you again for that tip
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  6. Yoda

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    ok so I completed the book and gave it to the intended recipient and He loved it
    laced binding together

    laced side.jpg

    Cover lacing with a piece of fabric
    covered laces.jpg

    paint coat one.jpg

    a bit of detail
    paint detail1.jpg

    paint finished.jpg

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