My nearly completed Fett ESB blaster


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Hey gang,

This has been on my workbench for a looong time. The webley is completely resin, save for a few screws. The scope is a vintage Webley hunting scope (4x20). The molex plugs are modern day equivalents of the original pieces. The stock plugs are resin copies (thanks again, Odiwan). The stock squares are also resin, but I used some electronic parts for details. The barrel is a sink tube with propper cutouts.

Anyway, on to the pictures:

-Enjoy :).

Thanks to WC for hosting



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Hey Fred...

who are you trying to kid, he?
This webley is NOT resin, you´re looks far to good to be just painted. ;)

GREAT work..I LOVE how you finished the stock.

Awesome blaster, congrats :thumbsup



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Thanks guys :D.

It's such an obscure prop with so little screen time, but it is the highlight of my blaster collection. Anyone who knows star wars recognizes it right off the bat.

If you ever have the opportunity to build one, do it.

If you are looking to do one of these, resin kits pop up on ebay all the time. I believe they're made by a member of "the dented helmet" forums.

Thanks Markus, but we both know the stock would be nothing without your sweet parts :thumbsup



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Thanks guys :).

Yes, sir. All resin except for the 2 phillips head screws,

What I really, really wanted to do was get as many original webley parts as possible (the frame, trigger, trigger guard and hammer are all the same as a Mk. VI) but the only place I know that sells them, never has them in stock. The original wood stock and grip is still available but they'd put too much strain on the resin frame, so that idea went out the window.

Originally, I had designed it so that the barrel would break open just like the original, but after a while, the catch wore down and it would just flip open on it's own so I had to glue it closed.

Another "innovation" was the attachment of the sink tube. The barrel on this version was completely solid resin. So in order to get the sink tube in, I took a hole saw the same diameter as the tube and drilled/cut in to the resin. It cut a 1" deep groove in the resin and the tube slipped right in. A little test fitting, filled the groove (about half way) with 5 min. epoxy and re-set the tube. Done and done :).

Glad everyone's enjoying it as much as I do.



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Originally posted by Treadwell@Apr 17 2006, 12:40 AM
Great work. Looks awesome.

What's plugging the barrel?

Thanks, Tread :).

If I remember (I bought it a long time ago for another project), it's either the inner part of a shower head or a sprinkler (but I think shower head). I have to try and get a better picture of it.



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Originally posted by Treadwell@Apr 17 2006, 03:23 PM
Okay, question 2:

Why is something plugging the barrel? ;)

I don't know :lol . I guess I figured that anything was better than looking down an old sink pipe into resin. Plus, it looks more functional. Since we can't seem to identify what those riser mounts are anyway, it'll never be 100% screen accurate so might as well have some fun.