my mpc millennium falcon build


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20150818_134301.jpg Please forgive me if my post seems a little nuts this is my first-ever post on the r p f.
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Actually it is modified version of Tony from 308bits gun well from shapways 20150730_035929.jpg 20150624_235107.jpg I've used almost every one of 308 bits upgrades ATTACH=CONFIG]516748[/ATTACH]also the blue moon sidewalls and pe grille upgrade parts sorry for the sporadic posts im still trying to figure tis out.


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Yeah I'm still trying to figure it out ill try to repost everything in a manner that make more sense 20150729_143312.jpg
Mabye tomorrow ill try to my teenagers to help me 20150729_143341.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

Mabye they show me how to make my pics not look sideways


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This is some inspiring work your doing here. The 308 bits are boss, im thinking i might go for the gun turret bay too. You answered a question i had about using two of the burnbays together, did you manage to fit a access corridoor between them or part of one?

If your interested i have a thread started:

Cant wait to see some updates from this thread, definatly subscribed :)
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