My mostly Back to the Future prop collection | Updated 11.14.21


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Thanks guys. I also added some LED strips to my consoles. They really pop.

IMG_2203.jpg IMG_2205.jpg

IMG_2206.jpg IMG_2207.jpg

And here's the rest of the room lit up.

IMG_2208.jpg IMG_2211.jpg


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Re: My mostly Back to the Future prop collection | Updated 12.13.16

Not a ton of additions to the BTTF shelf
View attachment 740220

View attachment 740221

View attachment 740222

View attachment 740223

View attachment 740224

1995 Doc Brown lab goggles
View attachment 740225

Newspaper by @DB537
View attachment 740226

Mole Richardson by @peter74
View attachment 740227

Vintage Universal Studios Japan DeLorean lighter (with tags!)
View attachment 740228
Hello my friend just wondering where you got the green doc brown goggles from? Thanks :)


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Finally found an Orion collar I was happy with and had it embroidered this week. I debated which design I was going to get, because if you watch MIB closely, you'll notice Orion had 2 different collars (2 different fonts). I settled on the block letters because they were an easier match.


Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.42.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.59.49 PM.png

I'll have some more updates in the next week or two.


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And here are still images of the updates before they got boxed up.

I added some acrylic shelves to display all my smalls because I felt like they were getting lost on the bigger shelves.
184B45BE-FBD3-4374-BBF1-36A06C8E2065.jpeg A457DBFD-452D-46E5-81F7-61E3D1277F93.jpeg DEFB0B79-8D76-41E9-A537-1D37A67D1E83.jpeg 29BAA674-6001-4E75-989F-500D96EFCCD3.jpeg EEBE849C-89E4-4E90-AAA9-094308EBBFB7.jpeg CCF18EB9-EA5B-4F3E-9747-A5EDA8383C36.jpeg

I think the only addition here is zenix's Schwartz ring
D9EDEE85-5142-45C7-B0C9-C0B811CF7373.jpeg DAF03B23-8397-4F00-B4E1-C68E066872E7.jpeg

Added an A-box Facehugger to the stasis chamber (which now lives goldcylon)
Also some 40th anniversary Alien Stompers from Reebok
0D6E5A11-7800-470F-8C4A-2B139B772A53.jpeg 4C91C3C7-6F7A-4F7B-9D51-36E0803D5C75.jpeg

I got into a WWF nostalgia kick and added a Winged Eagle belt and Macho King Crown made by Classic Shields. The Million Dollar belt is made by the WWE Shop.
B1EE835C-95AF-4A3E-B70B-5CC3AB6A6A59.jpeg 2F441AB4-BC53-4A76-88AD-27BB8AC93051.jpeg 59947AE8-6861-4675-A999-C8DFDDF36CA1.jpeg DE8FD53E-9879-4AF3-B942-003685D3BD79.jpeg

T2 items: HCG Endo Arm and I believe the Endo Skull is also HCG.
Airsoft M79 grenade launcher
F17ED5A7-3496-4AC1-9C00-828887BA6645.jpeg ADE01BB9-39EC-4F14-BAAC-98D624960084.jpeg

Inigo Montoya sword by Sarednab
136E4477-11CA-4016-A0FF-1E97DEA3E1D7.jpeg 4CD58B31-27C5-409D-A095-545F4EBAF1CE.jpeg

Fifth Element props: lots of amazing paper props by EmmaInCandyland, plus a screen used garage door miniature I picked up from MattMunson
66C41FAA-021F-4B3A-BAB0-741AC131F6A9.jpeg DA368CBE-43C3-4D6A-BDF9-24E7B3F7BCC2.jpeg BC2207A8-228F-4B80-9436-8F926041CC6D.jpeg 3243A10F-6AC5-4D27-A128-41B450D79E91.jpeg DC80BD07-2CF1-4226-B887-D7C856E105B2.jpeg E4A6129A-84EC-40FC-9647-F9514CA234F1.jpeg

Demolition Man light up glow rod by Van Lieu & SAPD badge by Daniel Nelms

Production made Seinfeld menu pages (the menu holder is a replica) and Rochelle Rochelle VHS by Champagne Video

Lebowski White Russian by LivingTreeCandles on Etsy (it smells amazin)
B848CBF5-F792-4A5B-8274-4F1C16CFFD9A.jpeg 4EB251C2-622F-4006-8069-C767B3C335F7.jpeg

MIB Rosenberg bust by ECC (one of my grails!)
A185CB27-CBC0-415F-A655-34D7E8C36999.jpeg 36F34235-445A-4D29-B513-60F8A524B253.jpeg EB33CC32-A1C0-4FBE-B891-3F16C7271837.jpeg B1F78CAA-2749-46D7-BAF2-8411FCFCDF49.jpeg

Motorized BTTF II Griff Bat by Van Lieu (it expands and retracts at the push of a button)

Robocop face insert by lonepineprops on IG

Short Round hat by Epitome Apparel on Etsy

Screen used Total Recall Federal Colonies Guard uniform (I totally bought this just for the ridiculous wrist communicator that used an off the shelf calcualator.
925C4832-F525-4C70-9004-C67038CD0DE9.jpeg 4A1976C1-64F0-429A-99C5-0D8CDCF061FD.jpeg

Batman Forever light up Sonar bust and belt by Nygmatech Archives (1 of only 3 made)

YoungKnight Props Iron Man Mark 45 life size statue
3D2ED2F2-9A0B-42E1-A79D-D7E44AF589BA.jpeg 645E3CAE-E450-405C-98E4-A058E88609F8.jpeg

Alas, the boxing process before they went to climate controlled storage. See you in the future!
DDAD959D-FF6D-4954-8DE1-1456502BDA11.jpeg 41848CC0-4817-4B25-AB0C-2E41217CCD97.jpeg
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These are my BTTF updates, after all this is my “mostly Back to the Future prop collection.”
Here's a video of the whole BTTF section:

And some stills:

BTTF II clapperboad by johnylebleu

EZ Sleep by Sarednab (thanks Pitbull for letting me snag this from you)

Doc's tongs by lonepineprops
AE35B229-1E14-48C9-8D27-78B5945BB518.jpeg B7730B55-BDB0-45BD-B135-5C39ADD82DE5.jpeg

Biff's matchbook display by lonepineprops, matchbooks by DB537

Griff's BMW by lonepineprops
143E3347-A6C2-4817-A518-C4E08A37B827.jpeg 6E4EC2FA-FD62-4B6B-B54A-81EC6C74450A.jpeg

Tales from Space comic by lonepineprops

Vintage purple Calvin Klein briefs

Vintage Art in Revolution pin

1955 milk glass (seen in the cafeteria)

Frisbie pie tin by Oliver Holler

Doc's clipboard by 1truedrum on IG
69E4DD63-19AE-4891-BFC5-6BDBDE4B20C6.jpeg BF8B77C7-6FBF-4499-BF8B-188C33E473ED.jpeg EABCE3F8-B89E-4E44-A0CE-ED6144C6ED6A.jpeg 7EEAA2DC-B261-4476-B34E-E89BD253A41C.jpeg

Vintage Swank magazine (next to markpoon's Oh La La cover - the original image was used for the prop)

Added the Citizen LSW-080 to join Doc's Seiko stopwatch

Finally found a solution to add "water" to my plutonium chamber, vegetable glycerin
B03D166E-1751-4CEF-8797-4B3D89C6E5BF.jpeg 954E2C26-1315-4FC5-BABD-846892CCA232.jpeg

Vintage Universal Japan remote control Delorean
C4C66452-A6CF-4B96-BFA0-B4E4BADA4E1A.jpeg 67B9DBDA-2D6E-4FAD-BA7C-BD059B5A2D5E.jpeg 7E54A29A-F31A-4E6C-AF42-29EF3F229DB3.jpeg

And a bunch of 35th anniversary merch:

Super7 2015 Marty ReAction figure

Jada Toys die cast Delorean
4D657EEF-1F02-494E-85EB-5F02756D6389.jpeg EEC40AFA-1068-4971-A030-1B4D06EE8B44.jpeg 28B6786E-17F9-4E1A-8A6E-658CBE6F2FB2.jpeg

Transformers Delorean

Hot Wheels Hoverboard
945EBDCE-6B14-471C-BEA4-A3F48A037A38.jpeg DBA0274A-4E11-481F-A3F2-36F94007BBB4.jpeg 918788A3-C09D-4F02-9F8A-BD1697428C50.jpeg 645EEAA5-F021-4D52-8B48-141D9C1E1FEF.jpeg

Skatedeck by DKNG
1D90C509-A559-4DD4-A3E5-BB526DBD4013.jpeg C84DBF14-8ABF-4C60-83D0-3F465D94713F.jpeg
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The last update for now, the pride and joy of my collection, the original Beast puppet from The Sandlot.

He was not in great shape when I got him, having spent 20 years in an outdoor storage container. He was painstakingly restored by the original prop maker, Rick Lazzarini.

I got to attend the 25th anniversary screening on the actual sandlot in Salt Lake City, so I had the ball signed by the entire cast in attendance. And I wore the replica PF Flyers on the sandlot, so that's actual sand from the sandlot stuck to the shoes.
F92F837F-6EFB-42EB-99C5-576CEA5B409D.jpeg 85E27EC8-38CD-4105-A7D6-7E743EA70448.jpeg 7DD5A3CE-0A3D-426B-9349-E9ACC8823F3A.jpeg

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