My model kits & other builds over the last 4 years


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A few weeks ago I snapped a photo of just about every model kit, 3d resin statue, my first kitbash and every quick build I have completed since around 2017. I was a bit surprised at how much it was. Sometimes I feel like I'm cranking out one project every 6 months lol, I know some amazing builders here that do mind boggling fast, incredible work and I think I'm a turtle in comparison. Anyways thought I'd share, I'm proud of every thing here, and I've learned tons watching others, getting feedback and visiting this forum.

P.S - Since this photo was taken, I've also completed my 1:700 US Destroyer and am also currently juggling a few more projects (repainting my old Mpc 1:48 X-wing and others). As always, thanks for looking!

20220413_223706.jpg 20220413_224111.jpg


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It is
Those are some impressive figures!

Is the scratch build that hover bike thing in the back? That is really cool looking
Thank you! And good eye! It's 100% kit bashed (my first ever attempt), it was my entry for Archive X speeder bike competition back in late 2020. I made the cut for the final 10th or 12th but didn't make the final 3. Regardless, it was so much fun, and even though I didn't win I'm super proud of it and my custom bounty hunter I made for it. You can see more of it here:


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