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Really nice! How long did it take you? what did you make of the kit?
Hello Murph;
Thank you for you questions… This model went together very quickly. As for what I think of the kit- This model kit is over 40 years old, and it presents many of the fitting and detailing issues of model kits of that era. That said, this model kit is wonderful. It is the largest commercially made model kits of the Darth Vader Tie Fighter and the overall proportions seem to be accurate. The detail on the inside and outside surfaces of the wings are beautiful. The detail on the top and bottom of the fuselage are equally nice. However, the lions share of the work to be done is on the front leading edge of the fuselage and on the sphere. In these areas most of the existing details have to be stripped off and redone. If you are up for that, it’s a great build.
thank you for taking an interest in my project.


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Very nice work My Friend, any and every model no matter how its made is something to do other than thumb twiddleing keep it going Love them all can't wait to see more

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