My meager blaster collection


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Hello everyone!
I know it isn’t much, but here are the blasters that I have completed. They are both denix based FieldMarshal kits. I’m currently working on one of his E-11 kits. I also have one of the cheap rubies Leia blasters that I need to repaint. I’ll post pics of those when completed. Meanwhile, here are my DD-44’s. Enjoy. I welcome any comments you may have. Thanks for looking. Btw, sorry for the lousy cell phone pic, when I get them all completed I’ll post some good ones.

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Great looking blasters! What did you use to finish the flash hider on your ANH hero? I’ve been working with mine, it’s hard to get the aluminum to age like steel. I’m going for a weathered look:


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Thank you sir! I’m hoping to get an ESB Solo variant soon. Trying to figure out if I want the Bespin or Hoth.


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UPDATE ! I finally finished my Han Solo Bespin blaster. Here she is…

I also purchased a Mandalorian blaster kit from Blaster Factory. I hope to start on it real soon.

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