My Marvel Legends Stormbreaker Repaint!


So it has begun... My repaint of my Marvel Legends Stormbreaker!!! Got the vines off! I was surprised how easy it was. Barely an inconvenience! And starting to fill in the seam! So excited to finally start this!!!


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Much better already.
Thank you!!! I am so happy with how the seam came out so far. That was going to be the trickiest part I felt and the catalyst for this entire project in the first place so I really wanted it to work well. And I couldn't be happier with my first pass. Gotta clean it up a bit, then the other side.


Any updates?
Thank you for the interest!!!! I have decided to keep the light effect. So that meant planning different than I was. I was just going to prime and paint, but now it's changed. So there has been alot of filling the seam, sanding, and more sanding, testing paints in areas, sanding, some life things interrupting, and more sanding. Have been masking off lately in prep for some minimal priming. Was hoping to get to that this weekend but got rain here. So hopefully with a little luck some updates next weekend!!!

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