My Mando Blaster! (Fieldmarshal modified for screen accuracy)


More Pictures!!!

I just finished (I think) weathering this guy up and I love how it came out and wanted to share. As great as Fieldmarshal’s Bergmann is, when I got it I thought there were some tweaks I could give it to make it a bit more screen accurate. It ended up being a lot more than just a few little things, but I feel like I managed to get it pretty damn close. What do you think?
Looks fantastic! I like the more gunmetal look, can I ask how you painted the kit? Or did you have it anodized? I keep eyeballing it but couldn’t find a place locally to have it anodized.
I bought the anodized kit not realizing how much work I’d end up doing on it. By the time I got it looking the way I wanted it needed a total repaint. It would have been better to just get the bare aluminum kit.

The painting was a bit of an experiment. Covered it in flat black Rust-Oleum. Then I brushed on graphite powder (I hadn’t yet come across the information that it’s supposed to be rubbed on). Then I sanded the spots I wanted to be bare metal and sprayed on some Krylon flat clear. That seemed to dull the graphite a bit, so I hit it again with the graphite powder (this time rubbing it on) and hit some spots with rub-n-buff (pewter and silver leaf). The clear coat plus the graphite made the bare aluminum a bit darker, which I actually thought looked cool. I did chip it off in some places like the flash hider to get that bright aluminum look. Then I slopped on some oil paints and pulled most of it back off and then threw a bunch of Vallejo pigments on there for some general dust/dirt/grime.

I didn’t want to go too far with the weathering, since on the show the blaster looks to be in pretty good shape.
Whoa - You did that by hand? I'm even more impressed now!
Even the hammer? Incredible!
It wasn’t too difficult. After the first stroke the teeth just fall into the grooves. You just have to make sure that first stroke is straight. The hand filing to lower the bolt slots (not sure what else to call them) was much more painstaking. I used a Dremel a bit, but I didn’t trust myself enough with it and ended up doing the majority of the work with hand files and sanding sticks.

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