My Maleficent 2014 Christening gown cosplay


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I wanted to stop by to share my Maleficent Christening gown cosplay. It took me around 3 months, off and on, to complete. I designed the horns, sculpted the side hip adornments, staff lights up and was modified, my gown and train are made of 50 yards black silk which I hand pleated to reflect the screen used gown by method of Shibori. A new technique to add to my costume design knowledge plate. Very satisfied with these results.

I was lucky enough to wear my costume to Disneyland during Halloween, to the Magic Castle in Hollywood and then again at Comikaze Expo Los Angeles.

I plan a PRO photo shoot with my costume in a storybook forest setting coming next year. I still need to complete parts I was not able to finish like the cheekbone prosthetics, the brooch needs to be wrapped in stingray as my head dress which what was done to the screen used ones.

I have all my WIP construction build photos and plan to put together a document on just how my costume was built in case anyone is interested in seeing. For now, here are my costume photos. The 1st photo is the actual screen used christening gown to show comparison to the Shibori work I did to my gown and train. Any questions/comments. Please add them in my post.

Thanks for looking :)

This is the actual screen used gown:

At Comikaze Expo 2014 I won 2nd place - Individual - in the costume contest:
1797456_739198659450542_3196706841543174008_n.jpg 10679_739198776117197_7563322295954171693_n.jpg 10620272_782285795169780_6296889572347796398_o.jpg 10397033_739181496118925_6464799202248561488_o.jpg 10658939_10153214226626677_6930075972077860325_o.jpg

FullSizeRender.jpg 10620802_739198569450551_707719011133557758_n.jpg image1.jpeg 10731054_743857438984664_4066063580068860614_n.jpg

At Disneyland Mickey's Treak or Treat Halloween party 2014:
523e3438-5d1d-4eec-a27d-e75c39d2c9d3.jpg 10420087_731520486885026_3663655788468437981_n.jpg


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Just finally saw the movie last night, what a fantastic job! Can't wait to see the pro shots with your prosthetics :)


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Fabulous! Jaw-dropping...
I'm in total awe.

I know what type of time it takes to get something this close to the real deal. Congrats on the contest win too.

I'm just starting to look at doing some shibori work on some silk I have just ordered to do the same Christening gown for Halloween this year (hopefully). I'm really not looking forward to the length of time it's going to take to do it. I might have underestimated the amount of fabric I need, as I only ordered 30m of fabric. hmmmmm

It's that or finish my Cheshire cat outfit....both not simple projects.
Again, awesome job.....



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After seeing the actual costume at the exhibit in L.A. I can really appreciate all the work that went into this Annisse. Well done! :thumbsup
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