My Live Fire Pulse Rifle (Aliens)


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Admittedly Im terrible with build threads. I tend to document nothing and just lock myself in my shop for days until things are finished. Although some props are never finished, Im calling this 99% done.

I have always wanted a real world firing Pulse Rifle. Living in California has made that dream even tougher. I had to make certain concessions with this build so that I comply with state and federal laws. Anything that is screaming 'Not Screen Accurate' has a legal reason behind it.

I am stuck with a 16" barrel. California does not allow short barrel rifles, period. There is an external cage around the mag release lever. This is also to comply with California state law. You cannot have a magazine releasable without the usage of a tool. This is the Thompson TM1 semi auto. No full auto...sorry. Again, those pesky laws. Ten round magazine.

Thompson TM1
Spas Cage and Grip
Deactivated Remington 870 Express (Thanks Matsuo!!!)
HCG Aluminium shrouds, counter and stock.
Bloody knuckles

There is a bunch of milling to get these shrouds to fit an authentic Thompson. Im not even including the glue posts on the shrouds. Fit, mill, fit, mill, fit, mill........ The shrouds are more sturdy than I thought and slide over the Thompson like a glove now. I spot welded the GL to the forward grip rail on the TM1. It is solid as a rock. If I need to access the GL for whatever reason, I can grind the welds in a heartbeat. Sooooo, everything is lined up perfectly and is solid as a rock. I did a quick and dirty paint job with a custom mix of Humbrol BB and OD green. The OD green the HGC PR's came in was not truly OD. So I did a little mixing till I got what I felt as a good mix of screen VS real world accuracy. Best of both worlds. The 2 AA batteries are in the upper right shroud and a pressure switch is in the lower portion of the mag well. Pop in a mag and it lights up. The stock is fixed in place by drilling two holes in the stock where the upper rear sight used to be. I just reused the existing screws and 4 holes from the rear sight. Why make more work? GL is tight and makes all the appropriate sounds (CA-CHIC). I took the base TM1 to the range last Thursday and recoil is nothing. In fact it was really quiet!

I sourced a set of aluminum mag bases so this one is temporary just to check function and to take a pic or two. The screws that hold the lower together were just for show on the HGC as the whole thing was glued together. I have JB weld curing inside the oversized holes and will tap them out tomorrow. Ultimately I will replace all the lower plate screws with ones of proper size and set in some female posts. My local 'PR button head allen head screw' source dried up. Total weight is just over 20lbs without ammo.

Bla Bla Bla. Here are two pics. I have a couple more but like I said, I dont document well.


It looks great !!
Don't worry for the long barrel, you have done a great job !

And maybe one day you will move to Texas ! ;)
You could call your gun something like a M41A sports model or something, as in real wolrd gun companies sell semi versions of assault rilfes with longer barrels.

The gun looks great.
(Would officials disagree if you'd remove the cage around the mag catch and instead make the mag base hold the magazine inside the shroud, therefore making it undetachable without tools? Just a weird idea)

Not a chance Del!:lol Now its time for you to build yours!

Atlas. The problem is the mag release lever is outside the mag well and operated by pressing your right thumb up. Other method is to cut the lever in half, weld (JB Weld) the thumb part to the frame and use a pick to pull back the mag catch.
Did you mill the HCG shrouds yourself? I am looking to build a full metal pulse rifle as well. I plan on using a SD studios Thompson upper so mine will not be a functional weapon. I am curious about how much material you had to mill off in order to make the shrouds fit squarely. I see you mentioned JB-Weld. Did you use JB-Weld to fill the gaps between the shrouds and gun parts? Just like others have said, what you have looks fantastic. Cheers.
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