My little girl's first hunt


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I was in the process of building a budget suit for myself, and decided to make my daughter a suit. I realize I have a long way to go to achieve the greatness of a lot of the members of here who have done some jaw dropping work, but I figure we all have to start somewhere. So with that I give you my daughter Trinity (who we all call Bug) suited up as "the Mini Bug Hunter)









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*_* Lovelly
Say to her she's the most beautifull Bug Hunter of the world
How many time did you get doing the costume?


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Please tell trinity she is the bomb...and looks she looks FANTASTIC!!!
That pose in that first one .... it's dead on for a little huntress :p

Permission to put her in the suit thread?



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Awwww in the first pic she looks like she is about to rip somebodys throat out. Thats awesome :popcorn: Good job on her suit! She must be very happy :p


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haha awesome! that's a huge canon! gonna put a hole in somebody 2 feet in diameter. do you have to keep it orange for school?


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Cool looking costume. I can tell she's really getting into it, and she's going to have a lot of fun this weekend with it.

I just hope she isn't outside too long with bare skin. It's got to be getting cold in Wisconsin. (Where are you in Wisconsin, anyway? I'm in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and it's getting cold here.)


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Thank you to everyone for the compliments; they help me realize that all of the hard work paid off and motivate me to finish my own suit by Saturday. She will not be without warm clothing so no worries there. Her school had a strict no weapons policy, so yes I had to keep it orange for that reason. I plan on repainting it later.

@kithunter: Absolutely, she may be put on the thread. That totally made my day!

@Elkman: We are in Fond du lac, which is on the eastern side of Wisconsin.

Now, my task is to finish my own suit, which at the moment has about a weeks work of time put into it. It is about 75% done. The only thing I will be missing are feet and hands. Once Halloween is past and I have more time (and money), I will be doing complete overhauls on both suits to take them up to the next level. Keep your eyes pealed for the next 72 hours for my suit to appear! Again, thank you everyone for the kind words! It really does mean a lot!


Radon Cypher

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Man that is an awesome job. I have a two month old baby girl and I look forward to doing something like this for her some day, but this year she was a lady bug!

carpe noctem

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So awesome!!! She is so cute , like Kit said , that first pic is awesome, looks like a real huntress!!!! did she wear it for Halloween ??
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