My 'Lil 'Ol Borg Princess

Ok, so here it is. I'm not entirely sure this qualifies for this thread as it's not strictly a "replica" - It's my own design.

This shoot was six months in the making and preparation. I made the costume, head prosthetics, the backgrounds - even the shoes myself! All modelled by the wonderful Sirensong (Shanea Gaiger), who endured 6 1/2 hours of me swearing at the prosthetics when they wouldn't stick, shouting at the costume when the bits of elastic holding the damn thing together snapped, and generally put up with me being a grumpy ****er!
I mean, I'm pretty proud of it all; hence why I'm posting it here - and well, every damn where I can think of. I'd like to show it of, get critique, compliments and anything else really.
The last photo-shoot I did purely for myself was nigh on two years ago. Well, the last one that took any amount of prep! There have been some, but to be honest, I've been pretty stagnant of late. Severe bouts of depression (which hasn't gone away and I doubt ever will) and various life things happening- none of which I'll bore you with, have been blighting my creative ability - to the point of pushing me right to the edge of simply giving up to many times than I can count.
Needless to say, I'm trying to gain my mojo back as it's been a little reluctant to rear it's ugly head of late. I suppose the point I'm trying to make is - I keep on going, and I know that many of you out there suffer the same and most probably worse than me with depression and anxiety, but please please keep trying!
I need to listen to my own advice sometimes.
Anyway, I digress. I do have more of these shots, and will be putting them up as and when I finish editing them, so I'll leave you with these few for now.
I really hope you like them.

Cheers guys.

Borg of Thrones.jpg Borg 01.jpg Assimilate THIS....jpg borg 02.jpg


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Very cool. Love the design. It also occurred to me it would be very cool if the throne were made out of phaser rifles. And that there were Star Fleet communicators lying on the ground in front of her!
Holy crap I missed a trick there!!! Arrgh!!!

Thank you though - now..where to get a few dozen Phaser rifles...or even a load of Bat'leths or Mek'leths...
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