My life as a weapon- "Hawk guy"

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    Just started a quick build Hawkeye, based on the my life as a weapon version created by Matt Fraction.
    I (hopefully) will be able to have it done by the 9th of may for the philadelphia comic-con.
    This will serve as a progress log.

    I just placed an order for some parts, others I had laying around at home.

    If anyone is going this month to the comic-con maybe we can do some photos together.

    Pictures to come!
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    Favorite version of Hawkeye
  3. Firnatine87

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    Update: Parts have arrived today. I should have some progress shots later this weekend.
    zacboring: I agree, I like the made a "b-list" hero and make him stand out so well.
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    IMG_5756.JPG The belt was about 15 bucks from a local airsoft store. It's not too shabby.
    IMG_5760.JPG Everything but the mechanic glove is from amazon. Grand total of $30. Most are gonna need some modification. IMG_5765.JPG IMG_5766.JPG Im not sure what pants to use. One on the left are black biker pants. The one on the right are my 5.11 Tactical ems pants I no longer use, well beacuse we switched to blue.

    IMG_5759.JPG The shirt is courtesy of Redbubble and googlefu of "hawkeye shirt"
    IMG_5762.JPG and the glasses are Supposed to be purple. I get blue or purple from the GF and roommate. Not bad for 4 bucks.
    That is it for now. I gotta piece together a quiver, arrows and a bow. Any suggestions, additions or changes are gladly accepted.

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