My latest screen used costume - Scary Movie 4

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Guardian Devil

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I know this wasn't exactly a popular film, but I've got good memories of it.
I went with my girlfriend when we first started going out and we must have both been in the mood for a stupid movie 'cause we found it pretty entertaining at the time!
Ever since then I wanted something from this film and landed a cool set recently for a great price so I couldn't pass it up!
So without further excuse-making as to why I like this film :lol
Here's Craig Beirko's full Hero 'Tom Ryan' costume from Scary Movie 4.

I added the boots just to keep the mannequin standing up, but they look pretty good with it.
Better pic of the jacket:

Also got the belt and watch from the costume with it:

I was so pleased with it when it arrived at my door I couldnt help but post here to show it off!


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While not one of my favorite films, its cool to have something screen-used like this. :thumbsup

Jack Bauer

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cool. I don't put a whole lot of faith into Premiere Props though. They have bamboozled people before.

Thanks for sharing. I always wonder what screen used stuff folks have out there. I like that people collect wardrobe stuff too. I'd like to do a room of mannequins like that.


I really like that jacket--real Belstaff?

Also, is that the fisherman's slicker from the "I Know What You Did Last Summer"?
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