My Latest Mark VII Science Tricorder Build

Mr. Nagata

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Just finished this up. It's a new kit with gmprops electronics. The Mark VII Science has always been my favorite tricorder. I don't know why it's taken me this long to make one for myself. I've done 3 that I sold. 2 first season Mark VI's and 1 later season Mark VI that I sold. 2 Mark VII medicals that I sold. But never one for myself. So here it is:








And here's a video of it in action. This electronics set is awesome. I can't recommend it enough:

Star Trek TNG Mark VII Science Tricorder - YouTube

Mr. Nagata

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It's Krylon Stone Gray Gloss, dusted with Duplicolor Aluminum, then coated with Rustoleum Satin Clear Coat. I heat up the can of silver a little bit so the resulting "dust" is very fine. Probably even finer than the screen-used pieces, but I don't like it when the can sputters and puts big blobs on there.

I've painted so many of these now and tried every paint combination under the sun. This is my favorite. I always use stone gray as the base, but I've dusted them with Krylon Bright Silver, Rustoleum Silver, Krylon Satin, and several brands of Satin Polyurethane. This is the smoothest, flattest, most even looking paint job.


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Still my favorite of all the TNG era trics. A beautiful build up and amazing paint job. Attention to detail is top notch as always!

Mr. Nagata

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Yeah. I recommend practicing it before doing it on your final build. It's very easy to mess up. I've learned that the hard way :lol.

If possible, practice on a three dimensional object like a box because the hard part is not the flat surfaces, but rather where the different surfaces intersect. It's very easy to overdo it in those areas.


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Really nice clean finish on that Tricorder.
I've been wanting to add a Mark VII Science and Mark VII Medical to my collection for a while, by the end of this year I hope to do so, and I hope it ends up looking as good as your finished prop.
I've seen your other tricorders on youtube and they are great. This one is no different. Do you use GM Props electronics on all of your tricorder builds?
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