Question My Junkyard thread was removed (answered)


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I had a UD Replicas Cap suit up for grabs in the Junkyard. I changed it yesterday to reflect that the suit is now on eBay. I log in this morning to take a look and my thread is gone? I bought a one month membership to post the suit and i think it may have expired, but doesnt a post get deleted solely due to the 30day membership being up? I wold hope the thread would remain until sold?



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Re: My Junkyard thread was removed

Once you expire the thread is removed and held until you reinstate your membership.
They really couldn't allow all threads posted during your 30 day membership to "stay active until sold", now could they?
Think about it.... People would just pay for one month and post a TON of items knowing that it could Take 6-12 months to possibly sell and never have to pay membership again because they stay "active until sold".
There would be people abusing the loophole :lol
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