My journey towards the man of steel (nooo not super man ) ^^


Hello ppls of therpf,

One lonly night of youtube searching I came across some dude with a cool beenie(I think u all know who this dude is:lol) , saying something about folding paper and making awesome suits, :O so I started to whatch his vids in the "heroes tuts" channel..

well what could I say but, I WANT ONE.

SO I started lookign around on the web and thanks to stealths vid I found this forum. so I downloaded the peps, got some supplies and got to it.

As the impatient person I am I just downloaded first pep file I could find of the helmet -.- with later turned out to be a HD version, hence so damn hard to put together. totally bummed out on how warped it came out I thought I would try a foam helm .. first off all I live in spain so I dont really know what all things are called in spanish :p

I read somewhere that the "foam" ppl used was the thing u put under parket floors and stuff, so I went to a big store (kinda wallmart Ithink) and lucky me I found it.

Making a helmet ....making another helmet I nothiced it wasent anything like the foam u guys use.. cuz it was fragile and would SNAP when bent to much..

I finally found out it was called EVA foam and asked around it the hobby stores around here and yeeeeeah I finally found it. 12€ for a slab of 100*70 cm, 6mm thick. Dunno if thats pricey or not but its all I found :p

Well during all this time off course I had been on the forums pestering ppls about questions and what not, so I finally decided to do the helm in pep, resin bondo ect, and the rest of the suit in foam. So I could get some exp with both.

Its now some what 2 weeks or close after I just started I think, and the suit is almost done (glueing and putting together) only 1 shin and the shoes left.. ahh and gloves.

and the helmet (thanks to indiefilmgeek for sending me thefile he used, I think it is robo´s file) is pepped, resined outside, and more or less fibre glassed inside :p I also started "bondoing" the outside, and I totally understand why ppl hate sanding the bono ::cry

Well I just wanted to THANK stealth, projectearth, blackdynamo1, indiefilmgeek, j0wE, robo, and every1 else for being a great source of inspiration and the help u give to us newcomers.

Well enough of the wall of text, foto time now:cool

rendom pics: my gf trying on one of the "snapping" foam helmets.
and I prefer japanes child workers over chinese xD


Sry I dont know how to make the fotos big like every1 else does.. is it with like imageshack or just some setting in the post ?

and btw the time stamp on the fotos is way off :p

the fotos are from 2weeks back and up til today


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nice progress, keep it up. btw you can try using photobucket for pictures resize it to 640x480 then copy image link and paste here


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glad i could help man, if you have anymore questions i know spanish(as you know) and would help any way i can


Heyguys thx for the answers ^^

ahh yea I have a acc at picoddle. Ill try to upload em later..

yea the datestamp is out of date cuz I just started using the camera I ahdn´t touched in a long time and cba with config :p

j0wE tx m8, im working on the hand atm and they are a pain in the ass :p
resizing and stuff :p
u dont happend to know what plastidip is called in spanish do ya jejeje


Hey hey guys just wanted to show some prog.

suit done except feet and gloves.. well 1 shoe is done but still figuring out how to fill up the "high heel" thinking expanding foam or something

Have in mind that Its not all joined together or nothing yet except the shoulder bells. and I still have to loose some wieght heheh



yeapp the foam atleast..
The helmets been resined and poooorly fibre glassed .. so still lots of bondo sanding ect.. and plastidipping the suit and painting weathering ect .

Will take a pause now til I find a job :S the paints expensive hehe


Well slowly making progress,

since I didnt find plastidip at resonable prices I tried a latex paint a friend suggested and it worked great, a little more flex then pva and only like a1 euro more then the glue.

I also primed a few pices. 1 can got me through 2 shoulders 1 shin , a thigh and the belt/abs.

It was very hard to find a red metallic paint over here I found one but it was too "happy" red if that makes sense, I thought of clownes when I saw it heheh.

then I found another one, kinda dark but looks ok. I would say its close to this colour,r:8,s:23&tx=90&ty=65

the sanding is algo coming along.. slowly and boring but coming along.


A little upp date.

Just 8 days away from the "manga/comicon" I bought the paint yesterday.
I couldnt get a red as dark as I wanted but I will have to do.

The suit is all painted with latex to cover up the pores of the eva foam.

I also cut the helmet in 3 pieces today .so I will work on that these days wile I also paint the rest of the suit.

Things to do
1 buy leds and sodder em all in place.
2. buy speakers, soddder and mount em.
3. finish the helmet.
4 paint the suit.
5. do the gloves. still having problem with them . tried doing em in just 2mm foam. and on the other hand (get it ;) ) guing foam pieces to a cloth glove. still not getting em as I want em.

and yes I did a beer holder that will go on the waist :D

Wish me good luck . just 8 days left


I did wear "shop" glasses. But I had no mask so I had to hold my breath while using the dremmel xD thank good for all those years swimming = good lungs to hold my breath hahaha


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What abb files did you use yours? it is different than mine , i need that top peace that goes around. I used robos. Also do you have a hip pod file thats modded for foam already, I need that one too. By the way looks great so far, Im almost done mine now too :)


Well Im finished with my suit and I wore it to the "alicante manga con" and I won the first price :D:D

I got kinda sloppy and had to make a quick pair of boots because I totally forgot about themhehe, other then that I had a great time and the suit was a great hit.

Thanks again to every1 here that has helped in anyway possible..Stealth, graphicjordan, prjectearth. j0we, indiefilmgeeek zabana. and more

yea my ab broke and the end... the hotglue seem split :p
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