My Joker reworking WIP


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Doing a total rework of my Heath Ledger joker
Looking at it wanted to change things and repaint.
lots more work on the scar and forehead and lip detail to do, found painting
him white showed up the changes I needed to
rework then painting white and looking again,
changed the jaw, moved the scar around closed the eyes built up the brows and
worked on the nose first one looked to small.
Just did a paint on the eyes to get the look, will give him more
time this time round and get the airbrush out. also set the eyes
so they can be move in different directions on sprung rods
joker1.jpg joker2.jpg joker3.jpg


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Still adding ,removing, scratching my head.......I will get there in the end
going to work the forehead tomorrow and paint in the frown lines, still left
the eyes movable to get different looks. Had an idea when I eventually
get there to save on another mold, going to replace the silicone jacket
and cut out the face where I have changed things and re silicone hopefully
the joint wont show but a bit of sanding maybe.....


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Thanks reaton89...... want to get it right as I may do it in silicone when I can stop ...Lol....

Welcome! Don't over-think it. You're definitely on the right track.

... You should move the eyes like this and post a pic just for kicks, if it's not a hassle.

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