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My Jack Sparrow Pistol from COTBP


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I just got my production made Jack Sparrow pistol from Curse of the Black Pearl.
It was made for production, but never got used in the movie. It's a stunt rubber version which has quite a bit of detail.

It's a shame that the detail on the but of the flintlock is ruined because that's where they poured the rubber. Oh well. :p

Figured I'd just show a couple pics! :)






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The butt end is where the sprue is located. With rubber it expands so it needs somewhere to go.

I find it rather interesting that ever since the original shop that made that mold has since closed its doors and sold off its inventory the POTC1 bare rubber castings have become more and more common.


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Interesting. I thought that ISS did the originals? Do you know how to tell a studio produced vs a possible not studio produced?

I just would have though the barrel would have been a better place to have the expansion.


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The barrel hole generally isnt large enough for rubber. What happens is the rubber degasses and/or expands. Without a wide enough escape route, it will push out anywhere it can then you get huge seams and unusable parts.

ISS/SAT did not do the original mold, only the sequels and even at that they didnt do Jack's pistol. Im 100% certain on that.
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