My Iron Man Mark 1


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Well, it's only been 11 years, but I finally finished (almost) my Iron Man Mk 1 armor set. My base set was a wonderful set of ingenious castings from Nightmare Armor Studios that I bought on eBay back in 2010.
I rebuilt the entire left boot, added tons of detailing inside and out; armor was mostly cintra (or foam pvc) heat bent with a strip heater, or baked in the oven for more complex shapes. Added an arc reactor and a spinning magneto. It's just a few hours from finished: just needs some transparent blue airbrushing, some dark airbrushing for tuning the overall effect, and a fiberglass headcap inside the helmet molded to my head.

The calves and thighs are connected and are surprisingly quite comfortable to wear. a pair of ski boots is bolted to a plywood sole with a hinge under the ball of the foot. An aluminum bar heads up each side of the boot to pivot at my ankle. A second set of bars hinges the knee. I can walk in these legs all day.
My god I miss cons.


IMG_1981 2.JPG

The magneto spins and whines very suitably.


The green butt plate is floormat foam. The little pieces that hold it to my "belt" (really a ring of aluminum and foam) are made from chunks of delrin (acetyl).
Here you can see the newly rebuilt manifold (missing in the pic below) on the back of the left calf.


I rebuilt that manifold on the back of the left leg, that box was kind of a placeholder for me. Nice thing about ski boots is that they're cheap used, and for a costume like this they have enough structure around the foot that they don't need tying.


The whole suit was base coated in gloss black, then painted in Moltow, with Alclad II clear sealer. Then weathered with acrylics (black, burnt umber, and yellow ochre) applied in a set of washes adjusted with spritzes of isopropyl alcohol. I still have sone red/orange rust to add here and there and likely some darker grease stains, but overall I'm quite happy with the final result.


Last pic is the suit as it arrived all those years ago. The symmetrical parts were all the same, but ingeniously detailed on opposite sides to reflect the part it was imitating. Spin the calf one way and it's the right calf. Spin it the other way and it's the left calf. Same for the shoulders, forearms and calves and boots. Very efficient. The castings were tough, light, and I believe cast in Onyx, I love that stuff. If I remember I paid about $1k for the costume back then. I still consider it a deal.

We'll have a couple more videos in the making of this suit up on Tested before too long.

Cheers! Stay safe!


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Does this mean that is wasn't built in ONE day??

Nice that you now have a suit to protect you from that awesome raptor that you are building!


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Wow very cool, i remember you building the magneto on tested and wondering about the finished suit. Yes, cons are to be missed, hopefully the fall ones are in the realm of the possible this year.


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Thanks for the kind words. Like I said the video(s) will go up soon, but it's fun to share this with you all in the meantime. This is the progression from then till now. Far right is final spit and polish. Tons of rust, some fine airbrushing to make details pop. A transparent blue on a couple spots.

Adam Iron Man MK1 Progression.jpg


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Been watching the videos as they are released. Really looking forward to seeing the culmination!


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I love all the detail you added to the back and around the arc reactor, it really sells the whole suit better than the original detailing. Phenomenal job! I would love to see you walk around the convention floor in this if you're ever able to reschedule to come to FanX in Salt Lake!


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The Mark 1 has a very special place in my heart. When looking at the pictures I was thinking , hey that suit looks awesome. Wonder how Adam's suit looks now , checked the member ID and BOOM!!! I had one previously that didn't quite survive the return trip from a Con and am gonna build another for display. Thanks for the motivation Adam!


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The suit as purchased is impressive, with well done weathering, but I'm in awe of how utterly convincing the weathering is on the final product. Very well done!


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Incredibly well done. I was astounded in the magneto One Day Build when you added the Rub 'n Buff and it immediately looked like a metal part.


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I've watched the 3 part video on Youtube... it's really inspiring AdamSavage!
Waited 3months to see the paint work = ) .... really awesome work of art!

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