My Iron Man helmet has been recast!


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hi all.

just wanted to give everyone a heads up on another scum bag recaster.

this is an ebay link to the auction


looks like he has used it to make a mrk 5 helmet too.

it also look slike he has recast mask riders war machine too.

I have only sold these helmets to members he and I have an idea of who it is so ill do some digging and when im sure who it is, ill be contacting the mods for tne approapriate action.
Very disappointed.. I have one of daz's helmets and it frustrates me to see it recasted.. I also have one of mask riders mk6 lids and I heard he's helmet is also getting recasts.. :-/
Oh man, just looking through his listed items, and can't believe how much stuff he's obviously recast! He's got the technique down, and good on him, but shame on him for using his powers for evil. :(
It's jerks like this that can't or don't want to do the work themselves that really tick me off, but I believe in karma and what comes around goes around and he'll get his.
I don't have the skill to come up with half of the great items I see on here. But I do know that amount of time and work that is invested in creating these pieces. To have someone rip it off for their own profit is bull****. Just an FYI as of now, his listing is down. At least that's something. Suckface, I hope you find the POS that tried to screw you.

Its this kind of thing that makes us all rethink selling items, you have to worry about someone recasting it and making money off your hard work.
I have only sold these helmets to members he and I have an idea of who it is so ill do some digging and when im sure who it is, ill be contacting the mods for tne approapriate action.

The seller is in Thailand. How hard can that be to trace ? Should be plain sailing for you :thumbsup

However, my gut feeling tells me that once you know how this recast showed up on the bay, you will conclude that a member here you sold it to, sold it on eBay or the likes, and it ended up in Thailand, where recast of items are a dime a dozen.

ie, I don't think in this case it is a member here who recast it (unless you sold one to a member from Thailand here. And even then, that member could have just resold it on).

In a mixed good/bad feeling sense, I hope I am wrong, and if it is proven that its a member here who is directly responsible, the appropriate action is taken.

Otherwise, it's unfortunately out of RPF 'jurisdiction'.
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I've seen the same pics used for his Sideshow Bust recast listing in other listings on eBay aswell. All of which have been located in Thailand. I'm glad I didn't make a purchase because I saw them before I joined the RPF
im new to the prop forum, but have a few friends that have been in the prop world for years, they have warned me about recatsers, as a result, i stay away from ebay when i buy my stuff. i appreciate what all of you do, plus its nice to be able to tell people that you got your prop from the person that actually sculpted, cast or built it, i take pride in owning that piece. thanks
"The whole item is professionally made by talented artists, or especially by experienced artists who have researched information and movie details."

just needs to add on;
or by recasters or something like that anyway...

lol What a description.
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