My Indiana Jones Last Crusade props


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Hey Gang,

Well, I think I have all the props I need for my LC display.

The grail is made of sculpy. Sculpted and painted by me.

The lighter is by Relic Raider.

The cross is by Adamata (incredible detail) and painted by me.

The grail diary and inserts are by Sulla (hand sticthed and bound - truly professional) and soon to be filled in by me (I started but had to get carbon paper for the drawings).

The packaged diary is by me as well. It started out as a "close enough" diary that I really wasn't happy with.


Thanks to WC for hosting.



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Thanks, everyone :D . Glad you liked it :thumbsup

I really hate the whoe cluttered look, so I tried to keep it simple, just some iconic pieces that would be easily recognizable. I think too many pieces detract from what is supposed to be goiong on.



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Thanks guys :D

mmarosy, this is just my LC display. If I put all three displays together, you'd think differently - trust me ;) :lol


Red Five

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Very nice. I'd be interested in hearing more about how you researched & put this all together. Very simple & elegant display. Perfect.


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Cool, cool, cool. Always wanted to get a Grail Diary, looking at your set reminds me that I need to sell more plasma.

Great display.