My humble show off thread *new pics on page 2*


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I will post more pictures in the morning, my camera died when I was going to take pictures of the other stuff.
It will be charged up by tomorrow.



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I love your trooper armor. Hopefully i'll be able to upgrade my FX armor to one of those one day. About painting your room; if most of your props are SW related maybe painting fire or lava on the wall might make your props stand out. I did it to my SW room and although my wife almost divorced me because of how long it took to do, i think it was worth the trouble. The only thing that sucks is that after all the painting i did, most of it is covered with SW stuff. :confused



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I think for a modest collection you could not have done better than that :). Very nice combination of prop replicas...that trooper is fresh from the academy and awaiting his blaster issue ;).




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Thanks everybody for the kind words. :)

Here are a few more pictures of the individual objects, as some of You requested.


The Vader helmet is still in gelcoat state, this will be my next project to paint and put together.

And some other angle's of the trooper. Cant wait until I get the gloves.

Thanks WC for hosting.


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Thanks for the extra pics.Matt makes some sweet TK armor doesn`t he.Love the vader too.ANH vader is next on my list. :D

Kind regards


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Thanks again guys.
I got the neckseal today from Mrs TK409 :love That neckseal is great.
Thanks again TK409 for helping out.