My Hot Toys Falconer unmasked with custom articulated face


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Thanks to the members who responded with the bio removal tips, you know who you are. Here he is. I developed his unique face with a more aggressive lower jaw than the Berserker and fully functioning face utilizing 5 points or articulation across the mandibles and lower jaw. I don't know why Hot Toys doesn't do this already since they did it with the Predalien. Here are some photos and check out our video review of the Berserker and Falconer along with my customization. Let me know what you think.










Hot Chix Cool Toy Review - Episode 8 - Hot Toys MMS 1/6 Berserker and custom Falconer Predators
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Tiny Evil

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good job! *thumbsup*
wondering though, did the falconer originally had red on his head or it is your idea to make him red? :D
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