My holy grail piece from Bobby C. Heath Joker 1/3rd scale


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I've been wanting something finished by Bobby C. for EVER! The wait paid off and I got one of his most amazing creations.. Heath Ledger as the Joker in 1/3rd scale. Silicone head, glass eyes, real punched hair, incredibly detailed real clothing, leather shoes.. the works! I LOVE THIS PIECE! Thank you so much Bobby!






Righteous! :eek

The likeness is almost creepy.

I can't imagine punching all those little hairs through like that, but the result speaks for itself.

It's work like this that made me fall in love with this forum. :)
Bobby's talent is off the charts! Amazing piece, amazing artist. Congrats on a such a cool piece. It's a grail piece for sure.
Glad he made it Safe Steve, that head is 1/3rd over 2 foot with out the base.
in scale with CM.
but if you think that is small, I have been doing the 1/6th as well about the size of a quarter
1/3rd next to the 1/6th .
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