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Hello everybody !

Here’s my Hellboy project from France (apologizes for my english grammar), made for a Super Hero birthday party last september.
I’m a hudge fan of Ron Perlman, and I had a lot of fun during this challenging build.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, I'll soon post some detailed pictures of the overall process, but I only have a few pics of the final result...)


Not a completely accurate costume, but I’m quite happy with the final result.
The mask was designed to show my real face and not a complete sculpt, because I wanted to be recognized by old friends I haven’t seen for years, and also because I intended to breathe, eat, drink and smoke cigar during the party…

The head is latex with artificial hair and beard (Yes, the hair was stolen from a Pocahontas Wig, that’s my Disney Princess dark side...). The Right Hand of Doom is strong cardboard tube with foam for the forearm, and insulation polyurethane foam sculpt for the hand.
The gun is 3D printed from a thingiverse model (yes, I scaled it 130 % because I wanted a funny BIG GUN, maybe too much…).
The holster is hand made and hand sewn leather (still missing US logo and proper attachement)
The belt buckle is 3d printed (also from thingiverse), and the horseshoe is EVA foam.
The coat was found last year on Vinted, and the leather pants given to my by a retired biker friend.
The tail is red fabric sewn on a foam shape.
The « Muscle suit » was a speed foam-and-scissors work, hot-glued on an old t-shirt the day before the party. Not perfect but enough to hide my « starving spiderman » silhouette.
The cigar is a real cigar. Smoking is a really evil behaviour, but demons like evil behaviours.

The overal process took me about one year to achieve, essentially gathering the different materials, documentation and print files, but most assembly, hair, paintings and details have been made during the two weeks before the party. The Right Hand of Doom is a « one day sculpt » seven days before the party (but « one week paint », with many mistakes…). I’m quite proud of the result, and I think I will make a silicon mould of it and resin rotocasting version in the future if someone is interested .
Make-up and latex adjustement tooks me about one hour, thanks to my daughter for her help. Cheap yellow lenses finished the overall look.


The complete costume was successfully worn from 6:00 PM until 4:00 AM (10 hours) with little peeling off with the beard details at the end. As you can notice on the following picture, it was a Wolverine Fan birthday party, so I had to do this mashup (just for the pic) :


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