My Hellboy costume

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Nisa KZ

New Member
Hello everyone on RPF!
Wanted to show my first Hellboy costume build.

All items, except the mask - are scratchmade by myself.
Mask is made by Jeremy from Oneail FX Studios

In the first post I will show pictures of my overall costume and in the following posts I will be posting all my items - how I made them, with description of materials and maybe tools that I've used.

In the nearest future I'm planning to build my 2.0 costume version, but I hope this tread will be useful for someone here, in The RPF Community.

Hope, you'll enjoy!

Disclaimer 1: I've lost my phone couple of times, so not all of the photos saved in my iCloud.
Disclaimer 2: Yes, I make the commission works also, so all of the items are available for ordering.

So, let's start.

As a huge Hellboy fan, I always wanted to make a costume for myself. So, my Hellboy costume journey started more than a year ago and I'm glad that I'm able to show you, guys, the result which i achieved during this time.

I finished the costume back in March 2019 and showed it at 3 cons - 2 in my home country (Kazakhstan) and 1 in St.Petersburg ComicCon (Russia).

P.S the girl in Esdeath costume is my wife, and it's her first cosplay )



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Sr Member
Looks great, nice costume!

I was the one that commissioned Jeremy to make that mask years ago. Loved the way he brought Red to life.

Nisa KZ

New Member
Looks great, nice costume!

I was the one that commissioned Jeremy to make that mask years ago. Loved the way he brought Red to life.
Thank you Now I’m looking for another mask, which will be closer to original movies one. Or will try to find an artist for sculpting

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Nisa KZ

New Member
So, let's continue the thread )

I decide to start from most non-interesting parts - pants and trenchcoat.

As I wanted to build thew costume by myself, I've decided that even the clothing part must be done by my own hands.
I felt lucky, that my wife bought me sewing machine as a birthday gift, so only thing left to finish - is to learn how to use it.


So I found some sewing learning courses near my house and applied for basic program. Basic program consisted of learning how to construct 2 clothing items, and this ws enough for me, as I needed to make pants and trenchcoat.




First try out:


As I told in the first post - I lost lot of photographs at my previous phones, so I couldn't share all the process.

But as a result: I've made a trenchcoat and pants by myslef.
For trenchcoat I used water-resistant heavy cotton fabric and for panths I used faux leather.



For collar and belts on right hand i used faux leather (which is usually used in the car interriors) and BRPD patch I made form genuine leather with laser engraving the logo. I decided not to make a lining - as the weather was hot, and I didn't wanted to boil myself inside ))


After I finished panths and trench - I've started making the muscle suit.

For muscle suit I bought 2 lycra zentai suits from eBay - one white and second one red color. Base idea was to wear the red one over the white one with glued muscles (next time I will just sew the muscles inside, as a layer of glue makes the muscles unbreathable, which causes sweating).

IMG_0208 (1).jpg

At the end - everything looked nice together:

Panths, muscles, trenchcoat - everything looked great and were totally made by myself.

IMG_0208 (13).jpg

Sooner I will make post about how I made the Samaritan gun and Right Hand Of Doom

Nisa KZ

New Member
Hey there, costume makers!

I'm back, and brought you the story about my Samaritan gun building process )

First idea, which came to my head was just to buy the gun from Sideshow - but then I realized that the price was too high, and I didn't wanted to spend 700-1000 USD for a gun only, as I already spent 400 bucks for the mask. So I've decided to make a gun by myself. As I wasn't familiar with 3D printing (well, I can work with 3D printers, but I'm too lazy to learn 3D modeling) I ended up with scratchbuilding.

First of all, I found nice pictures of the Samaritan gun and googled the real sizes of 1:1 gun replica.
After this - I've traced every single part in CorelDraw (as I was planning to cut the pieces with CNC laser machine) and cut them out of 3 and 8 mm acryllic sheets.


After I got all of my parts cut, I started with assembling them into the basic gun parts. It took a while - gluing, filling, sanding each part.



It took a while to hide all the seams between the layers of acrylic parts. I used 2-component filler for car repair (can be purchased at any car paint shop) - it worked for me nicely.


After I got base parts ready - i tried to assemble the gun to see how it looks together.



After I was satisfied - proceeded with adding the details.




After the main body was finished and painted - it came to handle. Firstly, I was planning to make the handle also from plastic, and then paint the wooden texture on it. But after this, I realised one thing: "Why the **** should I make something to look like a wood instead of making it out of a wood?". So, I cut layers from 3mm plywood sheet, glued them and shaped it with my DREMEL and grinder machine. I left a holes to place a BRPD logos on first layers of plywood on each side of the handle and slightly changed the shape (in original samaritan handle is round shaped - which is uncomfy to hold, unless you have very big palms).




Then I cut and laser engraved the plates with BRPD logo from 3 MM acryllic and applied a layer of wood dye and added acrylic a baseplate to the handle. I was excited of how awesome the things came out.



After these steps were done - I proceeded with painting.



Then I've added final details:
1) a ring for the lanyard (made from a hook screw, which can be purchased at any craft stores).
2) lanyard (made of faux leather, as I could find a proper thickness of leather piece)
3) screws and pins (all metal)
4) added magnets for locking mechanism.
5) metal shine effect is made by simple drawing pencil
6) covered the whole gun with 2 layers of acrylic lacquer

So, here is the final result:

IMG_0208 (24).jpg

IMG_0208 (25).jpg

Hope, you liked it ))

Next time we will talk about the Right Hand Of Doom. The only part of the costume, which I feel sorry for - didn't even tried to make it better, as it could be ))

Nisa KZ

New Member
Hi, everyone!
Now it's time to continue the thread ))
So, as promised - coming back with my RHOD. As I told before - I didn't make any extraordinary things with it, so I'll jest tell that I've made it out EVA foam, made all the grooves with Dremel, applied a texture with Gravitex and painted with red acryllic paint.

IMG_0208 (7).jpg
IMG_0208 (10).jpg
IMG_0208 (12).jpg
IMG_0208 (14).jpg

Nisa KZ

New Member
Now it's time for my favorite part - The Belt.
The items which I was planned to purchase, but then I saw a prices for licensed replicas and decided to make it myself.
Before this project - i didn't knew anything about leatherworking, so I've started to google the things. I purchased a "basic leatherwork tool set" from eBay for 20$ (now same kits are sold for 30-40$), got a huge piece of leather from local store and started my belt. Of course - I've bought a pack of original "lift the dot" fasteners (same are used for movie pouches).

First of all - i've made a layout for my laser cutter and cut all the pieces.

Used Seiwa leather paint (only one which was available at local store)

Started with the pouches:




Then, I proceeded with the holster (got some laser engraved parts done with my laser cutter):



I got my Hellboy Belt buckle which came with Golden Army DVD, so i've made a buckle frame out of steel rod and some welding and attached the buckle to it. After the buckle was done - I've started to make the belt.


I've made pouches bigger - as i didn't wanted to carry any additional bags with on the Con, so I've desgined them to hold of mmy stuff such as phone, cigarettes, wallet, napkins, baby powder.


I made a crucifix out of plywood and horseshoe was made out of acryllic.





As I told before - this one is my first ever thing made out of leather.

The pictures of the whole costume - are in the first post.

Hope you liked my journey.

In next post - I'll be posting the belts which I'm currently making for my customers on ETSY, and you'll see how I've improved my skills )


Jr Member
Looks great. I have that same mask. Yours looks better than mine. The hair work on mine is atrocious so im trying to figure out how to redo hair as well looking at getting a better belt than the cheap one i got on ebay as well a more accurate coat.
Heres mine so far minus the samaritan, it hadnt come in yet haha


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