My Hasbro Clone helmet conversion WIP

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    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post on the RPF so please be gentle with me.
    I thought I'd post a few pics of the Hasbro Clone helmet I'm working on at the moment.

    The helmet or a cast of it is going to be raffled off for charity at the Star Wars Fun Day at Burnley FC football Ground (Turf Moor) on the 7th May this year. And hopefully the helmet stand is going to be signed by some of the Star Wars film cast attending the event. All proceeds will go to the Macmillan Nurses charity.

    This is the first project I've done with any kind of photographic record so I hope you find it interesting.

    The interior of the helmet was stripped out and the sections have all been welded together with a soldering iron to effectively make the helmet one piece.
    View attachment 86047 View attachment 86049

    The visor was reshaped with plastic sheet welded in.
    View attachment 86045 View attachment 86046

    The ventilation slots on the side of the helmet were repositioned to better match the screen version and plastic rings were added in the ear holes.
    View attachment 86048

    The helmet was then filled and sanded before being primed with high build primer.
    View attachment 86050

    It was then guide coated and dry sanded with 600grit paper to remove any imperfections.
    View attachment 86051 View attachment 86052 View attachment 86053

    That's where it stands at the moment but I'm hoping to get more done in the next week or so and if I do I'll post more pics.
    So far as taking a mould from this is concerned, would this be classed as recasting (I would have said not considering the amount of modification but what do I know) as I know this is frowned upon and don't want to have folk up in arms with my first foray into the prop world:facepalm(sorry I had to use one on my first post:lol (OK two lol.)

    Kind Regards
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    nice conversion!
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    awesome job...I have 3 that I would love to be able to do that too
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    I wouldn't call it a recast with you modifications.
    Plus this is for charity and you are giving you work away for free.
    I think it would be difficult to find fault with your actions.

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